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Insomnia and chronobiology in Traditional Chinese medicine

Insomnia is a common clinical complaint, and if left untreated can increase the risk of developing other dieases such as hypertension, metabolic syndrom, cancer and dementia. Within the approach of TCM sleeping disorders can be classified according to their physical and psychic attendant symptoms, the relation of Yin and Yang and also by the Chinese 24-hour-Clock of the channels. This Clock integrates the chronobiology into our approach. Depending on the patterns found through these classifications, there are different therapeutic approaches in the treatment of insomnia. Besides potential combinations of acupuncture points we will consider also elements of herbal medicine and lifestyle-therapy.

6th September 2018  
ICMART World congress of medical acupuncture, Munich, Germany

Schlafstörungen besiegen


- Was haben Yin und Yang mit Schlafstörungen zu tun?
- Welche Therapien und Selbsthilfemaßnahmen kann man anwenden bei Schlafstörungen?
- Was sagt die Organuhr über Schlafstörungen aus?

Do, 11. Oktober 2018  
auf dem Gesundheitstag im Bundesrat Berlin

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